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  • Traditional Theatre

    "...the play's the thing"

    - William Shakespeare

    Dramaworks offers the fun and discipline of theatre with masks, costume creation and plenty of imagination.

    Summer Programs 2018
  • Stagecraft & Costume

    "...If you will patiently dance in our round, And see our moonlight revels, go with us...."

    - William Shakespeare
  • Fun Storytelling

    "stimulate imagination"

    Playful storytelling, with music and movement, nurtures a child's creativity.

    "It's an amazing place to meet people and express yourself - not to mention a wonderful way to grow up."

    - Annika Telenius, longtime student of Dramaworks.
  • Lifestyle & Cultures

    "celebrate - communicate"

    In a safe and peaceful environment students develop self-esteem and confidence.

    "if the legends fall silent who will teach the children our ways?"

    - Chief Dan George
  • Teamwork

    "discipline and delight"

    Our staff of professional actors, directors, playwrights and designers encourage personal expression, imagination and artistic freedom.

  • Dramaworks

    Storytelling by one is powerful, by a group of children is magic! Sticks & Stones, an original play by Peggy Stortz, with the tale of Stone Soup depicts peace and sharing this Summer of 2013.

Welcome to Dramaworks

Theatre professionals provide fun and discipline exploring storytelling with theatre arts and stagecraft, for a lifetime of benefits in any aspect of a child’s future.

Theatre Workshop with Peter Sklar
Dramaworks is a professional and caring oasis for solid theatrical training and experience. I enjoyed meeting Director Amanah Triggs with students and parents. (Dramaworks Studio Event – Sat, 20th 2016)
Peter Sklar – New York producer, director, musician, writer, coach and speaker.
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“Fantastic! What a wonderful place to nurture our youths talent and give them the opportunity to express themselves in a supportive environment with highly skilled and knowledgeable artists.”
Anna Bateman – classical/pop singer, musician, actor.

“My twin sons are enjoying the Dramaworks Summer program and told me last week that this is one of the best camps they have done – and they have done quite a few! They are stunned that the day is over so quickly and from our conversations I can tell that they are really learning a lot and having so much fun. Thank you for all your hard work.”
Jzaneen Damji, (New York)

“If you tell me I will listen,
if you show me I will see,
but let me experience
and I will learn.”
– Lao-Tse

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