Dramaworks will be closing at the end 2020

We have enjoyed a long run as inspiration for the young to learn the fun and creativity of time amongst plays and storytelling. The Dramaworks team, through over two decades, has experienced much Joy and Fulfillment sharing Theatre Arts with many children and their families. Our hope is that they will benefit from their experience throughout their lives and that will flow over into all with whom they share.
With Gratitude,
Amanah Triggs, Director

History of Dramaworks

During the years since 1991, hundreds of children from 2 to 17 years of age have experienced the magic of theatre. in countless productions for family and friends. We have created plays on several different themes. We have dramatized performances of well-known classics like Robin Hood, stories from our own Canadian heritage, and myths from ancient civilizations like the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Mayans. We have tackled material from contemporary plays, popular musicals and from The Bard himself, William Shakespeare.

Jennifer Riach – Founder of Dramaworks

“The value of Theatre Arts in a child’s early years is profound and hard to measure. Visual arts have a physical result you can keep, music a documented progress to chart. The power of drama happens, without an audience, in beautiful moments that disappear. The instructor can see and feel them, the child is sometimes aware, and the affect stirs imagination and creativity that will remain for life. This subtle passion is vital in our increasingly technological age. Creative, playful drama can set the feet of the shy and often inarticulate child on the path to a satisfying and fulfilled life.”

Dedicated to our beloved Jennifer who passed Winter 2013

Amanah Elizabeth Triggs

Amanah Elizabeth Triggs

Amanah has taken up the torch as Artistic Director of Dramaworks.

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DramaWorks is the best place for a kid to start becoming a young adult, it’s safe, it’s silly, it’s comforting, and it really allows kids to form ideas about who they are; while of course providing a solid background in theatre training, an asset I would be lost without! I really think Jennifer said it best when she called it ‘rehearsal for life’. DramaWorks is magic.

Alison Knight, graduate student of Dramaworks

It’s just too much fun!….like a family; everybody’s friendly. The only difference between Dramaworks and family is that we never fight! Really…

Rachel Aberle, teen class.

I have watched my daughter’s self-confidence flourish. She has even performed at the Ford Theatre for the performing arts

Elizabeth Austin, parent